Around The Home

Stainless Steel around your home has lasting beauty and functionality.

One of the many options available to make your home more aesthetically pleasing is to add stainless steel to your build. The benefits of  stainless steel are multiple, unlike other materials used.

We are able to assist with the design and manufacture of various items, some of which include:
   • Aluminium & stainless steel Internal mezzanine walkways.
   • Dining suites using various sized stainless steel tube.
   • Front entry stairs constructed from 6mm punched aluminium, and
     Stainless steel ballustrading handrail.
   • Custom built stainless steel BBQ's with commercial fittings.

Other ideas with stainless steel: tanks, benches, frames, letter boxes, street numbers, water features, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, bar stools, etc. We are only limited by your imagination.